A Second Look At The Savior

Have you ever seen yourself in the gallery of pictures presented to us in scripture? Maybe you see yourself as Job pondering God's purposes. Or you see yourself as Jonah as he is given a mission he doesn't want. Or possibly you see yourself as Mary, unsure of the path before her but willing to be God's instrument. The purpose of "A Second Look At The Savior" is to shed light on these questions that we bring before the throne of God. Many times the response is to move forward and walk on water. In these moments of our journey with Him, we rejoice. We feel the excitement of Seeking and Finding a God who is dreaming with us. Other times we are presented with Be Still and Know lessons which cause many to stumble and question God as they feel swallowed up by the sea of life. This study dives into the heart of both areas. In doing so we will enter a much broader topic of pain and suffering, where God's silence and His answers meet.



Byron Smith has worked in several ministries over the last twenty years. After receiving his BA in biblical studies through Faulkner University, he has served as youth minister, inner city evangelist, and presently the director of Gulf Coast Bible Camp. Throughout all these works, he has been tied to the youth primarily and credits each and every one of them for helping him to keep a cool mind, sharp wit, and sense of humor! 

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A Second Look at the Savior is a thoughtful and inspiring testimony. Byron walks us through Scripture and his own personal faith journey. He leads us on a quest to recognize God's calling to live a life of faith in the darkness. He reminds us powerfully that God can be trusted in our most vulnerable moments. 


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Introduction to the series A Second Look 

This series is being designed as a practical approach to scripture and faith. Too many times Christians hang everything off of emotions. When we do that, how are we any different than the world? The God of the Bible offers more than a feeling and when thinkers approach Christianity with questions, this series is something they can sink their mental teeth into. I hope those in the faith that may say they need nothing more than their belief will consider the fact that God gave us more. Truth and belief make for something more and I hope you go after it!